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Are you ready for the truth?
Bubb Fundraising offers over 100 ways to increase your income! Our recycling program is unmatched for profitability and convenience, and when it comes to cellular recycling, we even surpass “cell phone only” companies.

No phone left behind
Bubb Fundraising pays for ALL cell phones donated – working or not. Most companies don’t want broken phones, but we do! Plus, our payment scale is higher on average. Please don’t be misled by a “$300 per phone” come-on, as around 90% of donated phones are outdated or damaged units. See the comparison table below.

Bubb Fundraising vs. Cell Phone Only Programs

Program Features for Cell Phone Donations Bubb Fundraising Cell Phone Only
Money for ALL cell phones, any condition Yes No
Simple payment scale Yes No
Highest per-phone payment average Yes No
Free pick-up at your location Yes No
On-site payment at time of pick-up Yes No

Bubb Fundraising also features complete online campaign management through our website, and excellent customer service via phone or e-mail.

Bubb Fundraising really is the ultimate recycling program!
Single-item recycling programs leave money on the table. Your kind donors have much more to give, but the “cell phone only” gimmick closes the door on their generosity.

Do the math …
This example from a fundraising partner clearly shows the increased revenue possible with our multi-item plan. Note the difference in volume between “Cell Phones” and “Other Electronics.”

Cell Phones
DVD and VHS Movies
Other Electronics
Video Games 14%

Click here for the Complete Item List.

Direct sale fundraisers complement our
exceptional program

There’s no conflict or interference – take advantage of increased income while still maintaining your traditional direct sale events. Our ongoing fundraiser will boost your profits with practically no work.

Here’s a comparison:

Bubb Fundraising vs. Direct Sale Fundraisers

Program Features Bubb Fundraising Direct Sale Fundraisers
Nothing to buy, no selling involved
Yes No
100% profit margin Yes No
Benefits the environment Yes No
No added calories! Yes No

Respect for the environment
The Bubb Fundraising program directly helps the environment by redirecting cast-off or damaged consumer products. These unused items need not end up in the landfill. Here are some environmental facts:

  • More than 75% of all computers ever sold now sit unused.
  • Over 4 million tons of e-waste are dumped in US landfills each year.
  • Most toxic metal contamination (mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.) in our landfills springs from improperly handled e-waste.

Your participation in the Bubb Fundraising program will allow your members, donors and friends to take direct action on this growing problem.

Click here to sign up today
A Bubb Fundraising representative will be glad to discuss our innovative program via phone or e-mail. For additional information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section. We look forward to helping your organization supercharge its fundraising!


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