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About Us
Bubb Fundraising provides innovative fundraising solutions for non-profit organizations. Our unique multi-item recycling program provides a simple, highly profitable, environmentally friendly on-going fundraiser. Our partners currently recycle over 100 different item types, and we are working towards accepting many other non-perishable consumer goods.

We are devoted to making the largest fundraising experience as easy as possible, featuring free item pick-up and immediate on-site payment for your donations. Our fundraising partners benefit from a remarkable 100% profit margin, and may conveniently manage their campaigns through our website interface.

Personally, I try to live each day in faith and obedience to Jesus Christ, asking Him to help me serve His purpose for my life. As I began to realize the amount of waste that each of us generates, I sought an answer to the growing environmental problem. Bubb Fundraising was created as an active response to this unnecessary “trashing” of e-waste and other items.

I am excited that our growing program can readily provide a significant income stream for churches, schools, and other groups. Our fundraising partners are delighted to bring in more money with less effort than they had ever thought possible.

Bubb Fundraising is making a difference, and I sincerely invite you to join us.

Gary S. Bubb, Jr.
President and CEO
Bubb Fundraising

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